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hour hands brochure promotion Above: Written and designed with and for Ellen Shapiro of Visual Language in New York. Ellen is not only brilliant, she is also the best copy editor ever. In this case, I had written the hard-way-easy-way headline but couldn't pay it off. Her client did: their main computer was in Piscataway. Sometimes if you relax you get lucky.

Graphically, this is another way to make the complex simple. What I love about this job is a minute bit of graphics: each circle has a 1-point red outline that makes it subtly solid. (And it does not need Photoshop to make shadows or a busy background!)

Left: Hour Hands was our company that preceded Freelancenter in booking freelance talent. A deep bow of course to Herb Lubalin's influence on this. Like him, we love to play with a cap O. The numeral 0 should be more condensed than a cap O. But we cheated using O for 0. Then–partner Don Reilly did the superb mechanical and line work.