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nab national association broadcasteers institutional brochure nab national association broadcasteers institutional brochure
southern compnay energy corporate brochure NAB is National Association of Broadcasters.

The visual idea was simple: make the job look as classy as CBS literature did under creative VP Lou Dorfsman.

We chose non-glossy stock. And a gray beige along with black double-dot reproduction of the photos, to make them richer. Type was elegant and easy to read.

Each broadcasting exec was photographed, not in his or her office but in a broadcasting environment. Tom Murphy, above, then with Capital Cities Broadcasting, was actually shot at CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th.

For the Southern Company, the project spanned several years and executive changes for that division. We also interviewed executives and wrote it all.

Most shots featured a red energy dot dead center. Left, that's computer paper. The lights on the main control board were another source. As was the circular window looking into a furnace. "The whole" is the second time we used this idea (see the comparison). Both shots by Philip Bekker, Atlanta. —But this job languished. We still mourn it.