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animal legal guide brochure cover humane society hsus anti puppy mill tabloid brochure
humane society hsus anti puppy mill tabloid brochure
The animal cruelty cover was done for an Atlanta group focused on educating lawmakers and police on animal matters. It was done pro bono with the dog silhouette drawing contributed by Louise Stewart,

In both cases, typography and layout respect the reader, and seek to increase reader interest in the more detailed body copy.

In both cases, captions are important. We believe that captions are read more readily than text, and a well-written cap can stimulate reader interest.

The anti-puppy mill piece for HSUS (HumaneSociety of the United States) was a comp. One design tool was to print on heavy, white, newsprint, to give it a sense of immediacy so readers would take action. We felt a slick magazine look would only result in another brochure to be stashed somewhere and to be read "sometime in the future." Dynamic typography was another tool with lots of callouts of key copy points for those who could not read it all. A crosshatch motif, as in the wire cages, would be used throughout. Alas, it was never produced. People should get animals from shelters and rescue groups, not from puppy mills.