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What a treat, early-ish in our career, to be asked to do the Call for Entries for the great Type Directors Club in New York.

An idea came (as it must for every job): Show type in many of its incarnations. Not just in ads and brochures. How about the words on a shoe-tap?

I had fun walking around the city and shooting stuff, as well as things found around the house, the sewing thread and shoe polish for instance.

Did it open any minds? Maybe not, not then. But today's creative shows feature a lot more categories. So it played its role.

If I were to redo it now, the only two changes would be to make the headline Bembo Bold, and to delete the quotes around the title. —Lots of small companies today put their slogans in quotes. What for? You are quoting yourself in your own ad or on your own truck. Makes no sense. "You can quote me."

type directors club new york call for entries poster